Fashion Pirates

Susan Scafidi August 20, 2011

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Expert on U.S. law in the fashion industry said that even Tiffany & Co whose trademark is associated with a blue box may be at risk for copying the possession of the trademark in the case against Louboutin Yves Saint Laurent collapses.

"Nightmare Louboutin brand that everyone is now in fashion retail will operate tanks with red dye, since it is now believed that the trademark is officially canceled, or is about to happen," says Susan Scafidi, director of Fordham University in the field of law fashion .

"Louboutin is losing so much. It's theft to him. Those red soles almost as recognizable as his name. The philosophical question, if he does not have red sole, this Louboutin? If the shoe has its logo - yes, but the question is will be able to see it public in this way? "