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Delegation of Brazilian Judges and Lawyers Visit Fordham Law

June 22, 2011

During the week of June 20, Fordham Law School hosted a delegation of more than 50 judges, court clerks, and lawyers from six states in Brazil, who were at Fordham as part of the Law School's International Judicial Research and Training Program. 

The group included 12 justices from the supreme courts of the States of Amazonia, Pernambuco, and Santa Catarina. The program covered a number of substantive law topics, such as copyright law, domestic violence, and e-commerce, as well as issues related to judicial administration, such as mediation, class actions, and stare decisis principles. Instructors consisted of members of the Fordham Law fulltime and adjunct faculty, including Howard Erichson, Robin Lenhardt, Ron Lazebnik, Jeffrey Neuburger, Edna Sussman, and Benjamin Zipursky.

Brazilian Delegation at Fordham Law
The group also visited the law firm of McDermott Will & Emery, where they were briefed on recent developments in U.S. class action procedures by Peter Sacripanti, the firm’s Chair and a member of the Board of Fordham University. They also had the opportunity to meet a number of federal and state judges, including Justice Sherry Klein Heitler, Administrative Judge, First Judicial District; Judge Jeffrey Oing, New York State Supreme Court, Commercial Division; Judge Ann Pfau, Chief Administrative Judge, New York State Courts; and Judge Cathy Seibel, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. The delegation also visited New York State court and observed mediation and small claims proceedings.

Assistant Dean Toni M. Fine, who directs the International Judicial Research and Training Program, said that the visit of the Brazilian delegation "gave our visiting judges, court personnel, and lawyers the opportunity to learn from each other and from distinguished members of the U.S. bench, bar, and academia. Importantly, their presence at Fordham Law also gave us the opportunity to learn from the experiences of distinguished jurists from one of the most important global economies. We are enormously proud that this group for the third straight year has decided to come to Fordham Law."

Fordham Law’s International Judicial Research and Training Program designs programs to meet the needs and interests of specific judiciaries from around the world.