Fordham Law

Dispute Resolution Society Wins National Championship

April 20, 2011

The Mediation Team of Fordham's Dispute Resolution Society became National Champions after winning the ABA National Representation in Mediation Competition, held in Denver at the ABA
lā€“r: Tavish DeAtley '12, Amy Dunayevich '12, Oliver Edwards '12, former Dean John D. Feerick '61, Alana Roth '12, Professor Jacqueline Nolan-Haley, Andra Prutu '12, and Colin Missett '12
Annual Meeting on Dispute Resolution.

The team consisted of competitors Amy Dunayevich '12 and Alana Roth '12. They were coached by Saira Hussain ā€™11.

"I am truly amazed at the hard work exhibited by the Mediation Team this semester," said Iverson Long, DRS Chairman. "This is a tremendous win for Fordham and our ADR Program in the Society's 10th year. I am extremely grateful to Amy, Alana, Saira, and all of the students in the Society who worked with them to achieve this huge victory."

In the ABA Mediation Competition, students act as both lawyers and clients. The lawyer-client teams work toward settlement with the aid of a neutral mediator and are judged by a panel of practitioners. In Round 1, the teams worked to resolve a dispute over the use of tribal land. In the next round, they dealt with a complex conflict surrounding the merger of two churches. In the Semifinals, they found a solution to quell the concerns of an irate Homeowners Association. During the Finals, they saved their client from a trademark suit.

Dunayevich and Roth reached the national competition after earning first place in the regional competition in March. Also honored during the annual meeting in Denver was former Dean John Feerick '61, who received the D'Alemberte-Raven Award for outstanding service in the field of dispute resolution.

"Fordham dominated the national stage at the 13th Annual ABA Section on Dispute Resolution Spring Conference awards luncheon," said Michael M. Martin, Interim Dean of Fordham Law. "We are extremely honored and proud that Amy and Alana were recognized alongside longtime DRS supporter Dean John Feerick."

The competitors received guidance from Tavish DeAtley '12, Oliver Edwards '12, Colin Missett '12, and Andra Prutu '12. Additional support for the team was provided by alumni Dan Hope '08, Henry Ko '08, Justina Lopez ā€™10 and Nicole Mazanitis ā€™10; Professors Jacqueline Nolan-Haley, Beth Schwartz, Peggy Leibowitz, and Deborah Shapiro; senior members Janicelynn Asamoto '11, Christie Houlihan '11, Patrick Jacobs '11, Veni Manickam '11, Robert Soriano-Hewitt '11, and David Washo '11; Mediation Team members Devin LoPresti '12, Grace Kang '12, Bill Crowe '13, and Zach Hudson '13; and Managing Editor Tres Bulger '11, ICC Editor Matt Bress '11, Competitions Editor Cassie Hamar '11, and Arbitration Editor Linda Kalayjian '11.

Fordham Law's Dispute Resolution Program is ranked 11th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. The Dispute Resolution Society competes in national and international negotiation, mediation, and arbitration competitions, hosts a leading annual symposium and international commercial arbitration practice tournament, and teaches a course on negotiation techniques to local high school students at MLK Jr. High School. For more information, please visit the DRS website.