Fordham Law

First Annual Fashion Law Institute Symposium: Global Growth and Legal Landscapes

April 07, 2011

Fordham's Fashion Law Institute will host its inaugural symposium on Global Growth and Legal Landscapes in McNally Amphitheatre on Friday, April 15.

The daylong event will feature discussions by experts in the fashion, legal, financial, and governmental arenas and will conclude with a fashion presentation from Council of Fashion Designers of America Eco Challenge winner Maria Cornejo, whose designs have been worn by First Lady Michelle Obama.

“This event, like the Fashion Law Institute, is the first of its kind dedicated to the emerging field of fashion law,” said Fordham Law professor Susan Scafidi, who directs the Institute and is internationally recognized for her expertise. “The thread running through the symposium is global, but in the business of fashion, the impact of legal developments on everyone from designers to consumers is ultimately local.”

Sessions will include:

  • Shopping for Fashion Houses: Who’s First in Line in the M&A Market?
    From multinational corporations expanding into new product categories or distribution platforms, to Asian companies looking to buy into Western labels, to private equity firms investing in emerging designers and undervalued brands, it seems that everyone wants a stake in fashion. This panel will explore the recent upsurge of M&A in the fashion industry and the many issues involved, including valuation of intellectual property in a buyout, hostile takeovers, shareholder litigation and the risks of going public, and the creation of synergies and cohesive brand images within fashion conglomerates.
  • Spinning the Globe: The Future of the "Made In" Label
    What does it mean to be "made in" a particular country? In fashion, design is only the first and most glamorous step in a long chain. This panel will examine how issues in sourcing and manufacturing are affecting the fashion industry, what steps the industry is taking to deal with these concerns, and whether the consumer even cares what it says on the "made in" label.
  • Is Grey the New Black? Parallel Imports and Counterfeits in the Online Marketplace
    The black market in counterfeits has received more attention than the grey market in otherwise legal goods distributed through unauthorized channels. This panel will explore why both are a matter of concern for fashion houses seeking to protect their brand images—especially given increased globalization of production, the popularity of discount retailers, and the growth of online retail sales.
  • Eco-Chic: Is It Easy Being Green?
    As fashion becomes a more environmentally conscious industry, some proponents of eco-chic have called attention to the unfortunate side effect of greenwashing, the practice of companies disingenuously spinning their products and policies as environmentally friendly. This panel will discuss how the newly updated FTC "Green Guides” may help combat greenwashing and will also look at new developments in sourcing, manufacturing, and production, as well as broader themes such as sustainability and corporate social responsibility.