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Dispute Resolution Society Wins 2nd Place in International Competition

March 23, 2011

Dispute Resolution Society members Mandy Barner '12, Kaitlyn Kerrane '12, Joey Robbins '12, and John Tschirgi '12 recently won 2nd place at the International Competition for Mediation Advocacy in Toronto. The team was coached by Jason Friedman '11.

During the four-day competition, the team advanced through six rounds, defeating schools from around the world. Kerrane and Tschirgi represented Fordham Law in the quarterfinals, semifinals, and final round.
 Tres Bulger '11, John Tschirgi '12, Kaitlyn Kerrane '12, Jason Friedman '11, Joey Robbins '12, and Mandy Barner '12
Tres Bulger '11, John Tschirgi '12, Kaitlyn Kerrane '12, Jason Friedman '11, Joey Robbins '12, and Mandy Barner '12

At the ICMA, students act as both lawyers and clients working toward solutions with the aid of neutral mediator. Topics included a breach of contract between a country music star and a music venue, the structuring of a defense technology business, and real estate development.

"After our many accomplishments this year, Iā€™m afraid we may be starting to make things look easy," said Iverson Long, DRS Chairman. "This accomplishment was certainly anything but."

The team's appearance at this competition was its first. Team members were supported by the following individuals: alumni Nicole Mazanitis ā€™10 and Christopher Lunde ā€™10; Professors Jacqueline Nolan-Haley, Beth Schwartz, Peggy Leibowitz, and Deborah Shapiro; senior members Janicelynn Asamoto '11, Defne Gunay '11, and Patrick Jacobs '11; ICMA Team members Caroline Billet '13, John Fagan '13, Chris Mooney '13, Dan Nelson '12, Diane Park '12, and Rob Sanzillo '14; and Managing Editor Tres Bulger '11, ICC Editor Matt Bress '11, and Competitions Editor Cassie Hamar '11.

Fordham Law's Conflict Resolution and ADR Program is ranked 11th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. The Dispute Resolution Society competes in national and international negotiation, mediation, and arbitration competitions, hosts a leading annual symposium and international commercial arbitration practice tournament, and teaches a course on negotiation techniques to local students at MLK Jr. High School. For more information, please visit the DRS website.