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Launch of the Vivian Leitner Global South LL.M. Scholars Program

January 18, 2011

Fordham Law School is pleased to announce the launch of the newly renamed Vivian Leitner Global South Scholars Program, which offers generous scholarships and stipends to enable graduate students from the developing world to enroll in Fordham’s Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Law and Justice.

Since 2007, the Leitner Center for International Law and Justice at Fordham Law School has offered scholarships and stipends to students from the global south to attend the LL.M. Program in International Law and Justice at Fordham Law School. The program has since been named to honor the memory of Vivian Leitner, who passed away in 2010. She was an intrepid traveler, a student of many cultures, and a fierce critic of injustice wherever she found it. 

Vivian Leitner was born in Turkey, eventually immigrating to the US in 1950.  She was always grateful for the opportunities she found in the United States to advance her education and her work. It is therefore fitting to name in her honor this scholarship program that seeks to create such opportunities for others.

A distinguished International Committee will select up to four of the most highly qualified students from the global south each year for this prestigious Program. Vivian Leitner Scholars demonstrate outstanding academic merit and leadership potential and a strong commitment to advancing human rights and justice in their home countries. 

The Scholars are fully integrated in the Law School community through projects and events at the Leitner Center and Fordham Law School. Vivian Leitner Scholars share their perspectives and experiences with the Law School academic community and contribute to diversity in the Fordham student body, enriching classroom experiences.

Admissions criteria and application details can be found on the Vivian Leitner Global South Scholars Program page of the Leitner Center website. 

About the Leitner Center

The Leitner Center for International Law and Justice at Fordham Law School promotes teaching, scholarship, and advocacy in the field of public international law. The Center sponsors programs designed to prepare law students for work as human rights lawyers and seeks to have a real and measurable impact on the level of respect for international human rights standards. The Center sponsors numerous events each year, including panels, film screenings, conferences, and symposia, and numerous opportunities for students to work in the field of human rights. Founded in 2007, the Center’s mission is to contribute to the promotion of social justice around the world by encouraging knowledge of and respect for international law and international human rights standards in particular.

About the International Law and Justice LL.M. Program at Fordham Law School

The LL.M. Program in International Law and Justice at Fordham Law School offers students the opportunity to gain an advanced understanding of the rule of law and human rights protection and promotion at international, regional, and domestic levels. This degree is designed primarily for lawyers who work in public interest, including high-level government attorneys, leaders in non-governmental organizations, and academics. 

Admitted students are required to complete 24 credits of approved courses, including at least 12 credits within the International Law and Justice specialization and a basic course in International Law. Students who do not hold a degree from a U.S. law school are also required to enroll in Introduction to the U.S. Legal System, as well as Legal Research and Writing for LL.M. Students.

Visit the LL.M. program page for more information about Fordham Law's Master of Laws program.

Questions about the Program may be emailed to the Leitner Center