Fordham Law

Leitner Center Cosponsors International Year of Biodiversity Event

February 12, 2010

Fordham Law's Leitner Center helped launch the International Year of Biodiversity at the American Museum of Natural History on February 10. The United Nations has designated 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity to raise global awareness of the immense variety of life on Earth and the complex relations among living things and to invite action to safeguard the essential networks on which all life—including humans—depends.

More than 400 people, including leading policy thinkers from the worlds of environment and development, attended the event. The evening opened with comments by Michael Novacek, provost of science at the museum, who introduced Olav Kjørven, UNDP director of the Bureau for Development Policy, and Ahmed Djoghlaf, executive secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

A special preview of the premier world television event LIFE, a co-production of BBC and Discovery Channel, was introduced by Marjorie Kaplan, the president and general manager of Animal Planet Media at Discovery Communications Inc. A panel discussion including Charles McNeill, UNDP senior policy advisor, Veerle Vandeweerd, UNDP director of the Environment and Energy Group, Tran Triet, representative of the Phu My Leporinia Project, Paolo Galizzi, Clinical Associate Professor at Fordham Law, Morten Wetland, Norway’s permanent representative to the U.N., and Eleanor Sterling, director of the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation at the museum, followed.

Listen to a podcast of the event.


Celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity are (l-r) Paolo Galizzi (Fordham Law School), Marjorie Kaplan (Planet Media at Discovery Communications Inc.), Veerle Vandeweerd (UNDP Environment and Energy Group), Ahmed Djoghlaf (Convention on Biological Diversity), Olav Kjørven (UNDP Director of the Bureau for Development Policy), Tran Triet (Phu My Leporinia Project), Eleanor Sterling (the Museum’s Center for Biodiversity and Conservation), Theodore Roosevelt IV (Museum Board of Trustees), and Carter Ingram (Wildlife Conservation Society).

Photo Credit: AMNH/R. Mickens