Fordham Law

U.S. News Ranks Fordham Law #30 in Nation

April 23, 2009

In its 2010 edition of "America's Best Graduate Schools," released April 23, 2009, U.S. News & World Report ranked Fordham Law No. 30. The school's evening program, which has a distinguished 98-year history, was ranked No. 3 out of 87 such programs across the country. In addition, two stories in the new guide feature Fordham Law.

Five years ago, Fordham Law was ranked 34th by U.S. News, and the trend over time in terms of both objective and subjective measures of excellence has been positive. Last year, the school was rated 27th.

This year, U.S. News altered its method for calculating the law school rankings by combining admissions data--a major factor used in the rankings--for day and evening programs. Previously, U.S. News had looked only at LSATs and undergraduate GPAs statistics of day students.

While average admissions numbers tend to be lower for evening students than for day students, this does not reflect any difference in academic strength. Rather, it reflects the nature of evening school programs, which have as their mainstay older students who work while in law school.

For Fordham Law, the underlying data that U.S. News analyzes was even stronger this year than last, and the school's overall ranking this year is quite close to what it was under the old ranking system.

Additionally, Fordham Law was named among the country's most diverse law schools, and several specialty programs were nationally ranked:

  • Dispute Resolution: #10
  • Clinical Training: #12
  • Intellectual Property: #18


Contact: Carrie Johnson