Fordham Law

Catherine Powell Featured in Civil Rights Commission Video

April 02, 2009

Catherine Powell, Associate Professor of Law, is featured in a new video discussing the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund report, "Restoring the Conscience of a Nation." The report examines the history of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and provides recommendations for improving the commission. Powell is one of four individuals who talk about the role the commission has played in advancing civil rights over the last 50 years and explain why they've decided to provide Congress with recommendations for improving the commission. At an event related to the report, Powell distributed a transition paper she prepared for President Obama, which compliments the Leadership Conference Report, by recommending that the Civil Rights Commission be transformed and strengthened as a U.S. Commissionon Civil and Human Rights.

View the video.

In her role as Director of the International Law and the Constitution Initiative at Fordham Law's Leitner Center for International Law and Justice, Powell leads efforts to explore the relationship between internationalism and constitutionalism. The initiative hosts public events and provides research and policy opportunities for scholars and students. Review examples of projects the Initiative has supported, including the transition paper, "Human Rights at Home: A Domestic Policy Blueprint for the New Administration," which was prepared under the auspices the American Constitution Society.