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Center for Puerto Rico Equality & Advancement to Host Puerto Rico Policy Forum at Fordham Law

March 09, 2009

The Center for Puerto Rico Equality & Advancement (CPREA), an independent and non-partisan think tank that advocates on behalf of civil rights and equality for Puerto Rico, with the support of the Fordham Law Latin American Law Students Association (LALSA) will present its Spring 2009 Policy Forum at Fordham Law. The forum will be held in McNally Amphitheatre at 2:00 p.m. on March 26, 2009 and will include presentations by four panelists followed by a Q&A.

The Forum’s theme is "Civil Rights and Equality for Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico’s Relationship within the Federal Union." Confirmed panelists include Columbia Law School Associate Professor Christina Duffy Burnett, former New York Governor George E. Pataki, Fordham Law Dean William Michael Treanor, and current Puerto Rico Secretary of State Kenneth D. McClintock. The panelists will discuss the direction and ramifications of the varying and sometimes contradictory judicial and executive determinations that have been made at the Federal level with regard to Puerto Rico over the years, as well as these decisions’ impact on the political, economic, and social well-being of the island’s 4 million U.S. citizens.

For more information, visit the center's website.

Contact: Stephen Eichinger