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Fordham Law School's Louis Stein Center for Law and Ethics examines the important role that lawyers play in our society and explores how ethical values inform and improve the legal profession. The Stein Center promotes critical thinking and analysis of legal ethics by hosting and sponsoring colloquia and symposia, promoting the open exchange of ideas among academics and practitioners, and supporting scholarship in the area of legal ethics and professionalism. The Stein Center also captures national attention with programs such as the Stein Scholars Program and the annual Fordham-Stein Prize.

Click this link to hear and see Stein Center Director Bruce Green talk about the mission and accomplishments of the Stein Center.

Read the 2012-2013 Annual Report (pdf) to learn about the Stein Center's achievements and programs for the academic year.

In June 2013, Fordham Lawyer wrote a profile on the Stein Scholars, "The Work Ethic of Legal Ethics: Fordham Law's emphasis on ethics shapes students for lives of noble lawyering." Read the story (also available in pdf) and watch the video.

The Stein Center has an Advisory Board and an Alumni Advisory Board.