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Courses that Count Toward the 12-Credit Specialization Distribution Course Requirement

LL.M. in International Dispute Resolution

Please note that course offerings vary from one semester to the next.

* Denotes a required course for the International Dispute Resolution program
** Denotes a course that has an international component.
Denotes a course that simultaneously counts toward the Content Outline Course requirement.

Fall 2014

Advanced Criminal Law and Procedure
Alternative Dispute Resolution*
Conflict of Laws†
Criminal Procedure: Adjudication†
Criminal Procedure: Investigative†
How Judges Decide
International Arbitration**
International Arbitration Practicum**
Introduction to Mediation
Introduction to Investor-State Arbitration**
Litigation Management for the International Lawyer*†
Mediation Clinic (seminar and fieldwork)
Negotiation and Mediation**
Professional Responsibility: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Spring 2014 or Earlier

Alternative Dispute Resolution*
Alternative Dispute Resolution Ethics
Arbitration in West Africa Today**
Arbitration Practice
Bankruptcy Litigation
Catholic Perspectives on Conflict Resolution
Commercial Arbitration
Conflict Management Systems Design
Conflict of Laws†
Copyright Litigation
Criminal Procedure: Adjudicative†
Crossroads of Civil and Criminal Law
Dispute Resolutions Systems Design for Educational Institutions
Electronic Discovery
Federal Litigation Clinic
Insurance Law & Litigation
International Arbitration**
International Arbitration Practicum**
International Civil Litigation in U.S. Courts (by permission only)**
International Criminal Tribunals: Law and Practice**
Introduction to Arbitration
Introduction to Investment Arbitration**
Introduction to Mediation
Investor State Arbitration**
Labor & Employment Arbitration
Litigation Management for the International Lawyer*†
Mediation Clinic
Mediation: Law, Policy & Ethics
Mediation and Non-Adversarial Justice**
Professional Responsibility: Ethics in Alternative Dispute Resolution
Securities Litigation & Arbitration Clinic