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Courses that Count Toward the 12-Credit Specialization Distribution Course Requirement

LL.M. in International Dispute Resolution

Please note that course offerings vary from one semester to the next.

* Denotes a required course for the International Dispute Resolution program
** Denotes a course that has an international component.
Denotes a course that simultaneously counts toward the Content Outline Course requirement.

Spring 2015

See the schedule posted on the registrar's website at

Fall 2014

Advanced Criminal Law and Procedure
Alternative Dispute Resolution*
Conflict of Laws†
Criminal Procedure: Adjudication†
Criminal Procedure: Investigative†
How Judges Decide
International Arbitration**
International Arbitration Practicum**
Introduction to Mediation
Introduction to Investor-State Arbitration**
Litigation Management for the International Lawyer*†
Mediation Clinic (seminar and fieldwork)
Negotiation and Mediation**
Professional Responsibility: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Spring 2014 or Earlier

Alternative Dispute Resolution*
Alternative Dispute Resolution Ethics
Arbitration in West Africa Today**
Arbitration Practice
Bankruptcy Litigation
Catholic Perspectives on Conflict Resolution
Commercial Arbitration
Conflict Management Systems Design
Conflict of Laws†
Copyright Litigation
Criminal Procedure: Adjudicative†
Crossroads of Civil and Criminal Law
Dispute Resolutions Systems Design for Educational Institutions
Electronic Discovery
Federal Litigation Clinic
Insurance Law & Litigation
International Arbitration**
International Arbitration Practicum**
International Civil Litigation in U.S. Courts (by permission only)**
International Criminal Tribunals: Law and Practice**
Introduction to Arbitration
Introduction to Investment Arbitration**
Introduction to Mediation
Investor State Arbitration**
Labor & Employment Arbitration
Litigation Management for the International Lawyer*†
Mediation Clinic
Mediation: Law, Policy & Ethics
Mediation and Non-Adversarial Justice**
Professional Responsibility: Ethics in Alternative Dispute Resolution
Securities Litigation & Arbitration Clinic