Approved "Content Outline" Courses

Note that course selection varies from one semester to the next.

Administrative Law
Advanced Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Seminar
Alternative Dispute Resolution Ethics*
Civil Procedure (summer term only)
Commercial Finance
Commercial Finance/Secured Transactions
Commercial Law
Commercial Paper (only if taken Spring 2014 or earlier)
Commercial Transactions
Conflict of Laws
Constitutional Law (if available)
Constitutional Torts
Criminal Procedure: Adjudication
Criminal Procedure: Investigative
Criminal Procedure: Prosecution, Defense, and Adjudication
Family Law
The First Amendment
Fundamental Principles of New York Law
Litigation Management for the International Lawyer
Partnership and LLC Law
Perspectives in U.S. Law
Professional Responsibility: Corporate Counsel*
Professional Responsibility: Criminal Advocacy*
Professional Responsibility: Ethics and Corporate Practice*
Professional Responsibility: Ethics in Alternative Dispute Resolution*
Professional Responsibility: Lawyers and Justice*
Professional Responsibility: Multinational Practice*
Secured Transactions
Trusts and Wills
U.S. Contracts for Foreign LL.M.s or Contract Law (U.S.) for LL.M.s
Unincorporated Business Entities 

*These courses are only approved as content outline courses for Fall 2013 or earlier.