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For students who began their LL.M. studies prior to Fall 2012, the previous Section 520.6 will apply (with very narrow exceptions).   

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Basic Courses in American Law

Section 520.6 of the Rules of the Court of Appeals for the Admission of Attorneys and Counselors at Law requires that certain foreign students take at least two (2) basic courses in "American Law" as part of their LL.M. studies to qualify to sit for the New York Bar. We have been advised by the Court of Appeals that students completing the courses "Introduction to the U.S. Legal System" and "Legal Writing for LL.M. Students," will satisfy this requirement. The following courses could also be used to meet this requirement:

    * Antitrust Law
    * Banking Law
    * Commercial Transactions
    * Commercial Drafting Seminar for LL.M. Students
    * Copyright Litigation
    * Corporations
    * Cybercrimes
    * Entertainment Law
    * Mass Media and the Internet
    * Mass Media Law
    * New York Civil Practice for LL.M. Students
    * Old, Media, New Media and the First Amendment
    * Patent Litigation
    * Perspectives in U.S. Law
    * Professional Responsibility
    * Trade Secret law
    * U.S. Contract Law for LL.M. Students