Appellate Drafting

This course will focus on appellate writing and the appellate process through working with actual federal appellate cases. Students will assume the role of either counsel for the appellant or counsel for the respondent. They will analyze the record on appeal and evaluate the facts below, the lower court decisions, and the relevant legal authorities. In class they will develop arguments and strategies for the statement of facts and argument sections of the appellate brief. This class aims to provide extensive training in advanced legal writing through the drafting of compelling factual statements and persuasive legal arguments in the appellate context. Students will also have opportunities to hone their appellate advocacy skills by preparing and delivering oral arguments. The writing and litigation skills learned here will be valuable for all aspiring litigators practicing in any area of law.

Important: A student may enroll in only one Advanced Legal Writing course each semester. Further, a student may not repeat any advanced Legal Writing course (all sections of Commercial Drafting and I.P. Drafting count as the same course). None of the drafting courses satisfies the writing requirement.

Credits: 3

Type: SEM