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Administrative Fees

The cost for each Visiting Foreign Scholar, Visiting Foreign Researcher, and Visiting Foreign Judge is set forth below.  Payment may be made by cash, credit card or check, and upon arrival.

Duration                           Doctoral Students            Others

Six Months-One Year        $3,000                                $6,000

Three-Six Months              $2,000                                $4,000

Up To Three Months         $1,000                                $2,000

*Waiver Policy:  Prospective visitors who would like to be considered for a waiver of the administrative fee must submit a notarized affidavit certifying that you will receive no outside financial assistance, and documenting assets, debts, etc., with accompanying documents (i.e., last two years of your income tax return, translated into English).  Please note that submitting these materials does not guarantee that the administrative fee will be waived.  Waiver requests are granted on a very limited basis.  Requests for fee waivers made after arrival in the U.S. cannot be considered.