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Fordham Law Summer Institute

 Choosing a Visa

Fordham does NOT require any specific visa type to attend the Summer Institute.  We only offer official and competent guidance to enable you to make a prudent choice customized for your personal case.  

Some program participants enter the U.S. as a B-1, B-2 or WT visitor.  This is appropriate for those who are "coming to the United States primarily for tourism," and "also incidentally will engage in a short course of study during their visit."  It cannot be used by participants who will be staying in the U.S. to pursue a degree-granting program after the Summer Institute.  Therefore, if you choose the B-2/WT visa, you are entering the U.S. with "tourist" intentions, which is your primary purpose.  Your "study" at Fordham in the Summer Institute is your secondary purpose.  It is "incidental and avocational" to your primary tourist purpose.

We issue 1-20s to support F-1 visa applications for our Summer Institute.  If you wish to pursue the F-1 option, you should follow all instructions on this website.

 Obtaining an F-1 Visa

The Summer Institute satisfies the F-1 visa/status requirements.  Upon submission of the required documentation (see below), Fordham University will issue an I-20 which will enable participants to obtain an F-1 visa to enter the United States for the purpose of participating in our Summer Institute.  If a participant wishes to obtain an F-1 visa, the below documents must be submitted directly to Mr. Sal Longarino in the Office for International Services by email at

In order to secure the I-20 form, applicants must submit the below information to Mr. Sal Longarino in the Office for International Services by email at oisnewstudent@fordham.eduDo not submit any information to the OIS until you have paid the $500 program deposit.

Please Note: The Office for International Services is currently busy processing a large number of requests.  It may take up to 1-2 weeks to receive a response. 
Please do not send multiple requests to OIS, as it will slow down overall processing time.  Thank you for your patience.

1.  AFCOE form according to housing type:

2.  Financial supporting statement, such as an official bank statement, bank or employer letter showing sufficient funds, or copies of award letters, loans, etc.

3.  A statement indicating whether the participant intends to pursue an academic program in the U.S. before or after the Summer Institute, if applicable.

4.  A copy of the name page of the passport clearly showing the participant's full name.

For additional information and fees, please click here.

Special Instructions for Incoming LL.M. Students

If you will attend the Summer Institute program prior to the LL.M. program, you will need to submit AFCOE forms for BOTH programs.  LL.M. program AFCOE forms are available here.

In order to expedite your I-20 processing, please submit the AFCOE forms for both programs together, if possible.


Summer Institute Participants who travel to the U.S. under a F-1 visa issued using documentation provided by Fordham University must check in with the Office for International Services upon their arrival in NYC, bringing with them their original I-20, passport, and I-94 card within the first week of program.  This check-in procedure is required by U.S. law, and failure to check in with the Office for International Services is a violation of your F-1 status and could cause serious implications with the U.S. government. Participants can either complete the check in process online or stop by the OIS office. For more information on online check in process, please click here.
For participants who will continue onto the LL.M. program in the fall, please indicate that you are incoming LL.M. student when you email your check in documents at OIS or when you check in at the OIS office. OIS will email contact you when your LLM I-20 is issued.

Further questions regarding visa issues should be directed to