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2007-2008 Catholic Lawyer's Program: Globalizing Justice

This series offered in collaboration with The Guild of Catholic Lawyers of the Archdiocese of New York, explored how Catholic social teaching sheds light on legal and regulatory schemes to foster justice in a globalizing world.

Solidarity and Participation: True Justice for the Poor (April 2008)

Conversation with:
Professor Vincent Rousseau, Notre Dame Law School

Vincent D. Rougeau, Combining Faith and Reason in the Modern World Through Catholic Social Teaching (publication forthcoming)

Catholic Social Thought and the Multinational (February 2008)

Conversation with:
Professor Gerald Russello, Fellow Chesterton Institute, Seton Hall University

Gerald J. Russello, Catholic and the Large Multinational Corporation, 46 Journal of Catholic Legal Studies, 107 (2007)
Mark A. Sargent, Competing Visions of the Corporation in Catholic Social Thought, 1 Journal of Catholic Social Thought, 561 (Summer 2004)

Ecological Guidance for the 21st Century (November 2007)

Conversation with:
Professor Lucia A. Silecchia, Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law

Lucia A. Silecchia, Discerning Environment Perspective of Pope Benedict XVI, 4 Journal of Catholic Thought, 227-269 (2007)
Lucia A. Silecchia, Environmental Ethics from the Perspectives of NEPA and Catholic Social Teaching: Ecological GUidance for the 21st Century, 28 William and Mary Environmental Law and policy Review 659 (Spring 2004)
Global Climate Change, Statement of the US Catholic Bishops, July 2001
Renewing the Earth, A Pastoral Statement of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, 1992