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2006-2007 Catholic Lawyer's Program- Faithful Citizenship: When Conscience Clashes with State Law & Policy

This series offered in collaboration with The Guild of Catholic Lawyers of the Archdiocese of New York, and the St. John's University Journal of Catholic Legal Studies explored the questions that arise when conscience clashes with one's individual role within the legal system or with state law and policy.

Publication: 46 Journal of Catholic Legal Studies, number 2, 137 (2007)

Conscience & Catholic Institutions (February 2007)

Conversation with:
Professor Susan Stabile, St. John's University School of Law
Response by Piero Tozzi, Esq.

Susan J. Stabile, State Attempts to Define Religion: The Ramifications of Applying Mandatory Presciption Contraceptive Coverage Statutes to Religious Employers, 28 Harv. J.L & Pub. Pol'y n.3, 741 (2004-2005)

Distinctions Between the Roles of Lawyers and Judges (September 2006)

Conversation with:
Professor Robert K. Vischer, University of St. Thomas School of Law
Response by Professor Bruce A. Green, Fordham Law School

Robert K. Vischer, Heretics in the Temple of Law, 19 Journal of Law & Religion 427 (2004)
Tom Shaffer, Lawyers as Prophets, 15 St. Thomas L. Rev. 469 (2003)