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2002-2003 Catholic Lawyer's Program; Corporate Counseling: Catholic Lawyers and Divorce Cases

Counseling and the Corporate Client: A Place for Moral and Religious Values? (May 2003)

This panel addressed the principal legal ethics issues which arise when moral and religious issues are brought into legal counseling; as well as practical suggestions for improving discussion and awareness of these issues in today's legal practice.

Conversation with:

  • Professor John D. Feerick, Dean of Fordham University School of Law.
  • Kathleen M. Scanlon, Esq., Senior Vice President and Director of Public Policy Projects for the Center for Professional Responsibility Institute for Dispute Resolution.
  • Phillip Allen Lacovara, Esq., Senior Counsel, Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw.


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  • Sanford Levinson, "The Lawyer as Moral Counselor: How Much Should the Client Be Expected to Pay?" 77 Notre Dame L. Rev. 831 (2002).

Catholic Lawyers and Divorce Cases (September 2002)

This program discussed how Catholic lawyers may face the challenge of integrating the Church's teachings on marriage and divorce into their work in this delicate and difficult field.

Conversation with:

  • Reverend John J. Coughlin, O.F.M., Professor of Law at St. John's University School of Law.


  • Address of John Paul II to the Prelate Auditors, Officials and Advocates of the Tribunal of the Roman Rota (Monday, January 28, 2002).
  • Rev. John J. Coughlin, O.F.M., "Natural Law, Marriage, and the Thought of Karol Woytyla," 28 Fordham Urban L. J. 1771-1786 (August 2001) (Symposium on Counseling the Client: A Natural Law Approach)
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