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2004-2005 Interfaith Speaker Series: Religious Conflicts and Religious Freedom

This series dove into some of the tensions that emerge when expression of religious freedom clashes with other values held dear in a pluralistic society.

Islam & the Other: Challenges Facing a Pluralist Islamic Vision (April 2005)

Conversation with:
Professor Anver M. Emon, Doctoral Candidate, Yale Law School, currently Professor at the University of Tonronto Faculty of Law

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Religious Freedom and Laicite: The French Head Scarves Ban (February 2005)

Conversation with:
T. Jeremy Gunn, Senior Associate, Institute for Global Engagement and Senior Fellow for Religion and Human Rights at Emory University Law School

T. Jeremy Gunn, Religious Freedom and Laicite: A Comparison of the United States and France, 2004 Brigham Young Univ. L. Rev. 419 (2004

Religion and Partisan Politics: A Breach of the "Wall" or the Heart of Free Exercise? (September 2004)

Conversation with:
Reverend Richard John Neuhaus, President of the Institute on Religion and Public Life
Mr. Albert Vorspan, Senior Vice-President Emeritus of the Union of Hebrew Congregations

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