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Amelia (Amy) J. Uelmen
Founding Director

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Fordham University School of Law
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New York, NY 10023

Conference Introductions

  • Introduction, 46 Journal of Catholic Legal Studies, number 1 (2007) (For All the Saints: How the Lives of Extraordinary Catholics Can Shed Light on the Ordinary Practice of Law). Download PDF
  • Introduction, 83 University of Detroit Mercy Law Review, 829 (Summer 2006) (Conference: Strangers No Longer: Immigration Law & Policy in the Light of Religious Values). Download PDF
  • Foreword, 11 Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law 537-542 (2006) (Conference: Religious Values and Corporate Decision-Making). Download PDF
  • Foreword, 44 Journal of Catholic Legal Studies 277-281 (2005) (Symposium: Catholics and the Death Penalty: Lawyers, Jurors & Judges). Download PDF
  • Foreword, 31 Fordham Urban L. J. 1-4 (2003) (Conference: Religious Values and Poverty Law: Clients, Lawyers & Communities). Download PDF
  • Foreword, 30 Fordham Urban L. J. 5-8 (2002) (Conference: Religious Values and Legal Dilemmas in Bioethics). Download PDF