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Amelia (Amy) J. Uelmen
Founding Director

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Fordham University School of Law
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New York, NY 10023

Law Review Publications

Religious Legal Theory's "Second Wave," 40 Seton Hall Law Review, number 3, 955 (2010). Download a PDF

"It's Hard Work": Reflections on Conscience and Citizenship in the Catholic Tradition, 47 J. Catholic Legal Studies, number 2, 317 (2008). Download a PDF

Traveling Light: Pilgrim Law and the Nexus between Law, Politics and Catholic Social Thought, 22 J. Law & Religion 445-479 (2006-2007). Download a PDF

Reconciling Evangelization and Dialogue through Love of Neighbor, 52 Villanova Law Review, number 2, 303-329 (2007). Download a PDF

Religious Lawyering's Second Wave, 21 J. Law & Religion 269-281 (2005-2006). Download a PDF

Religious Values and Corporate Decision Making: The Economy of Communion Project, (co-authored with Luigino Bruni) 11 Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law 645-680 (2006). Download a PDF

The Evils of "Elasticity": Reflections on the Rhetoric of Professionalism and the Part-Time Paradox in Large Firm Practice, 33 Fordham Urban Law Journal 81-118 (2005). Download a PDF

An Explicit Connection Between Faith and Justice in Catholic Legal Education: Why Rock the Boat? 81 Univ. Detroit-Mercy L. Rev. 921-938 (2004). Download a PDF

Religious Lawyering in a Liberal Democracy: A Challenge and an Invitation (co-authored with Russell G. Pearce), 55 Case Western Reserve L. Rev. 127-160 (2004). Download a PDF

The Spirituality of Communion: A Resource for Dialogue with Catholics in Public Life, 43 Catholic Lawyer 289-310 (2004). Download a PDF

Toward a Trinitarian Theory of Products Liability, 1 J. Catholic Social Thought 603-645 (2004) (Symposium: Catholic Social Thought & the Law). Download a PDF

A View of the Legal Profession from a Mid-Twelfth-Century Monastery, 71 Fordham L. Rev. 1517-1541 (2003) (Symposium: The Legal Profession: Looking Backward). Download a PDF

Can a Religious Person Be a Big Firm Litigator? 26 Fordham Urban L.J. 1069-1110 (April 1999) (Symposium: Rediscovering the Role of Religion in the Lives of Lawyers and Those They Represent). Download a PDF