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2013-2014 Catholic Lawyer's Program

Evangelii Gaudium: the challenges of today's world

This conversations inspired by Pope Francis's apostolic exhortation explores fundamental questions connected to the Catholic Social Teaching and legal education. The first session discussed the topic: "Economics, Public life, Poverty and Exclusion" through the questions below. Is it a bad thing that many are rich and almost all desire a good level of wealth? Does the pope want a poor world? What is it after all that generates exclusion? What all this have to do with me and my career? Does any of that have an effect on my future?
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Law and the Gospel of Life II

"The "feminist" question is at the heart of much debate in law and politics today, with ever-rancorous division on the issues of abortion, contraception, the role of women and men in the family and wider society. Bachiochi explored the respective presuppositions of secular feminists and "new (Catholic) feminists", discussed trends in abortion law and sexual economics, and considered common goals and potential opportunities for collaboration. Read more.

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