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Catholic Lawyer's Program

In collaboration with the Guild of Catholic Lawyers of the Archdiocese of New York, the Catholic Lawyer's Program provides a forum for lawyers to reflect on how Catholic faith, teaching and traditions may challenge and enrich their practice and strengthen their commitment to work for the common good.

Past Programs:

 2001-2002  Catholic Social Teaching and American Legal Practice
 2002-2003  Corporate Counseling; Catholic Lawyers and Divorce Cases
 2003-2004      Work-Life Balance; Counseling Litigation and the Church
 2004-2005  Catholics and the Death Penalty: Lawyers, Jurors & Judges
 2005-2006  For All the Saints: How the Lives of Extraordinary Catholics Can Shed Light on the Ordinary Practice of Law 
 2006-2007  Faithful Citizenship: When Conscience Clashes With State Law & Policy
 2007-2008  Globalizing Justice
 2008-2009  Catholic Resources for Today's Legal Profession 
 2009-2010  Caritas in Veritate
 2011-2012  Law and the Gospel of Life
 2013-2014  Law and the Gospel of Life II
 2014-2015  Pope Francis: First year