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Interfaith Speaker Series

Working in collaboration with Auburn Theological Seminary and the Louis Finkelstein Institute of the Jewish Theological Seminary, the Institute on Religion, Law & Lawyer's Work serves as the coordinator for an Interfaith Speakers' Series and CLE on Religious Values and the Practice of Law: Christian, Jewish and Muslim Perspectives.

Three times per year practicing attorneys and judges in the New York metropolitan area gather to discuss the key issues and concerns they face in their efforts to reconcile their professional lives with their faith.

Upcoming Program:

No schedules events at this time

Past Programs: 

 2000-2001  Is There Common Ground for Legal Ethics?
 2001-2002  Love of Neighbor and the Law
 2002-2003   Religious Lawyering: Against the Tide?
 2003-2004  Legal Ethics in a Post-Enron World: Religious Values as a Resource?
 2004-2005   Religious Conflicts and Religious Freedom
 2005-2006  Is There a Place for Religion in Public Space?
 2006-2007  Religion & Law Enforcement: When Does Prosecution Become Persecution?
 2007-2008   Religious Controversies: Beyond Polarization?
 2008-2009  Public Funding and Religious Expression: Where Do You Draw the Line?
 2009-2010  Addressing the Economic Crisis: The Role of Faith and Ethical
 2010-2011  Comparative Perspectives on Religious Minorities and the Law
 2012-2013  Sharing Sacred Space in Jerusalem