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Anne-Claire Motte



Anne-Claire Motte served as the Institute's assistant from 2006-2011. A lawyer from France with expertise in labor law and extensive experience in interreligious and intercultural dialogue, she is currently studying Canon Law in Paris.
While with the Institute, she provided general support for programming and research and coordinated the Institute's international track.

In the Spirit of Gandhi, 49 Living City 30 (February 2010). Download PDF.

Life Support, 49 Living City 19-20 (January 2010). Download PDF.

Re-imagining the Legal Profession, 48 Living City 9-10 (June 2009). Download PDF.

Veil of Identity: Unity, Diversity and the French Headscarves Debate, 46 Living City 17-19 (July 2007). Download PDF.

Inside the UN: Interview with Archbishop Celestino Migliore, 46 Living City 8-10 (November 2007). Download PDF.