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2009-2010 Catholic Lawyer's Program: Caritas in Veritate

Technology and Caritas in Veritate: Reflection and Bioethics and the Law (September 2010)

Conversation with:
Michael P. Moreland, Associate Professor of Law, Villanova School of Law; James Madison Visiting Fellow, Princeton University.

Carl E. Schneider, Bioethics in the Language of the Law, Hastings Center Report 24, n.4 (1994): 16-22.
Steven D. Smith, De-Moralized: Glucksberg in the Malaise, 106 Michigan Law Review, 1571 (June 2008).
Supreme Court's Decision, Washington v. Glucksberg, 521 U.S. 702 (1997)
Pope Benedict XVI, Caritas in veritate, Chapter 6, The Development of Peoples and Technology.


Book Discussion, Life of God, Hope for Humanity (May 2010)

Thomas J. Norris discussed his book,  The Trinity: Life Of God, Hope For Humanity--Towards A Theology Of Communion (New York, New City Press 2010) on how the mystery of the Trinity can illuminate daily life and provide a key for reclaiming the primacy of relationships in theology and economics. Tom Norris is a priest of the diocese of Ossory, Ireland, and Professor in Systematic Theology at the Pontifical University at Maynooth, member of the International Theological Commission and the author of numerous articles and books.

Responses were given by Aristotle Papanikolaou, Fordham University Associate Professor of Theology and Co-Founding Director, Orthodox Christian Studies Program and Amy Uelmen, Esq., Director, Fordham Law School Institute on Religion, Law & Lawyer's Work. 


Caritas in Veritate: Fostering a Culture of Communion (October 2009)

This program highlighted new economic initiatives mentioned in Pope Benedict XVI’s recent social encyclical, Caritas in Veritate, and their capacity to integrate religious values and perspectives in order to sustain a “civil economy” ordered to the common good. Specifically, it highlighted the “Economy of Communion", a global network of more than 750 businesses which distribute their profits to meet the needs of the poor and to sustain educational projects that foster a “culture of giving.”

Conversation with:
Dr. Luigino Bruni, Associate Professor of Political Economy at University of Milan-Bicocca, winner of a 2008 Templeton Enterprise Award; author of Reciprocity, Altruism and Civil Society (2008); Civil Happiness: Economics and Human Flourishing in Historical Perspective (2007); and a Handbook on the Economics of Happiness (2007).
Brendan M. Wilson, Esq., Associate at Akin, Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP

Luigino Bruni, Common Good and Economics, Toward an Agapic Economy, Translated by Michael Brennen, available at
Luigino Bruni and Amy Uelmen, Religious Values and Corporate Decision Making: The Economy of Communion Project, 11 Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law 645-680 (2006).