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2009-2010 Interfaith Speaker Series: Addressing the Economy Crisis: The Role of Faith and Ethical Leadership in Legal Education

This year's series will explore the extent to which the fiscal crisis is an invitation to shift gears, and specifically how religious values might help us to rethink our approach to legal education and legal practice.

Addressing the Economic Crisis: The Role of Faith and Ethical Leadership in Legal Profession (January 2010)

Conversation with:
Russell G. Pearce, Professor of Law, Edward & Marilyn Bellet Chair in Legal Ethics, Morality, and Religion, Fordham Law School
Katrina L. Baker, Esq., Associate at Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel

Russell G. Pearce, Professional Responsibility for the Age of Obama, 22 Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics 1595 (Fall, 2009)
Luigino Bruni & Robert Sugden, Fraternity: Why the Market Need Not Be a Morally Free Zone, 24 Economics and Philosophy 35 (2008).

The Role of Faith and Ethical Leadership in Legal Education (November 2009)

Conversation with:
Henry Shea, Senior Distinguished Fellow, Holloran Center for Ethical Leadership in the Professions, University St. Thomas, School of Law (MN), former Assistant US Attorney.
Ian Weinstein, Professor of Law, Director of Clinical Education, Fordham Law School
Amy Uelmen, Director, Institute on Religion, Law & Lawyer's Work, Fordham Law School

Henry Shea, Facing Our Greatest Challenge: Creating Ethical Leadership (unpublished, 2009).
Henry Shea, Top Ten List of Lessons Learned from White Collar Criminals (revised remarks made at the 2007 Minnesota Business Ethics Awards Luncheon, May 2007).
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