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Fordham University Enhances Wireless Connectivity

Date: 07.05.2011

wireless iconFordham University enhanced the security of its wireless networks at the Rose Hill, Lincoln Center, and Westchester campuses.   Enhancements were accomplished by adding Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs) to the wireless networks.  Students, faculty, and staff can select any of the following wireless networks:

 Campus Service  Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs)  Password (WPA2 Key)
 Lincoln Center   FORDHAMLC-S  contact
 Rose Hill  FORDHAMRH-S  contact 
 Westchester  FORDHAM400-S  contact

The following links contain more information on how to connect to and configure your wireless access:


Windows XP/7

The following wireless networks: FORDHAMRH, FORDHAMLC and FORDHAM400, will be phased out very soon.

Contact: University Help Desk, 718-817-3999