Information Technology

Windows 7 Upgrade

Date: 02.04.2011

logo of Windows 7Over the last several months the Law Help Desk has been internally testing Microsoft's latest desktop operating system, Windows 7. In our internal testing, this operating system has proven to be very stable in our environment. Additionally, an increase in computing response time is being realized, and enhanced file security works behind the scenes, and is unintrusive. Microsoft has begun the process of scaling down support for Windows XP, which is approaching its 10th anniversary (October 25, 2011.)
In order to maintain a safe and productive computing environment, and to realize benefits from the infrastructure upgrades the IT Department has made over the last several months, we will be piloting Windows 7 over the next several weeks. Several members of the Law School community have volunteered to be upgraded to Windows 7, and will be taking the operating system for a test run in our environment.
The pilot program will last until March 1, 2011, after which we will consider a full deployment of the upgrade to the Fordham Law School Community. Please check back periodically for new information as to our progress.

Contact: Robert Ledee, Manager of Support and Client Services