Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Blackboard?
What is my Blackboard account?
Are all courses available in Blackboard?
Calendar & Event Management

What is Active Data Calendar?
Who updates the events in the Law School's online calendar?
How do users feature (or “spotlight”) an event in the Law School’s home page?
Class Cancellations

How do students access class cancellations?
How do professors post class cancellations?
Class Recordings

When are classes recorded?
Who can request a class to be recorded?
How does a professor request a class recording?
Class/Student Rosters

How do students access class/student rosters?
How do professors access class/student rosters?
Content Management System

What is a content management system?
What is the Law School’s content management system?
Who can access the Law School's content management system?
Course Evaluations

When can students start evaluating Spring 2014 courses?
How do students evaluate courses?
Are course evaluations anonymous?
Course Syllabi & First Assignments

How do students access course syllabi and first assignments?
How do professors post course syllabi and first assignments?
Electronic Exams

What is Exam4?
What are the requirements for using Exam4?
How do students register for Exam4?

What is my Fordham Email address?
How do I access my Fordham Law Email?
How do I forward my Fordham Law Email?

What is FacNET?
How do professors access FacNET?
What can professors do in FacNET?

How do professors submit grades to the Registrar?
Help Desk

Where is the Help Desk located?
What is the contact information of the Help Desk?
What are the operating hours of the Help Desk?

What is LawNET?
How do users access LawNET?
What can professors do in LawNET?
Loaner Laptops

Who do professors and staff contact when loaning a laptop?
What are the pre-installed software programs in a loaner laptop?

What is My.Fordham?
What do I need before I could login to My.Fordham?
How do students view class schedules?
Network Access

How do faculty and staff request for a network account?
What is my network account?
How do I access the Fordham Law network?

What is the Law School's printing policy for students?
How do students print to the network printers?
Can students print directly from their computers?
Smart Classrooms

What is a Smart Classroom?
Virtual Lab

What is the Virtual Lab?
How do students access the Virtual Lab?
Virtual Private Network (VPN)

What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?
How do students access the Law School's Virtual Private Network (VPN) from a PC?
How do students access the Law School's Virtual Private Network (VPN) from a Mac?
Wireless Network

How do I access the University wireless network?