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Fordham Competition Law Institute
Refresher Course
July 7-11, 2008

Monday, July 7
Policy Objectives & Basic Economic Concepts
Introduction and Basic Concepts
Overview over policy objectives; statutory models; influence of economics
Refresher:  Basic economics (including market power; market definition; entry analysis; etc.)
Instructor: Benoit Durand, UK Competition Commission

Tuesday, July 8

Horizontal Agreements (competitor collaboration); agreements and other forms of coordination in oligopolistic markets

Morning Horizontal Agreements
Approaches to analysis of horizontal agreements; ancillary restraints
Instructor: Stephen Calkins, Wayne State University School of Law
Instructor: Andreas Reindl, FCLI

Afternoon  Horizontal Agreements and Oligopolies Information exchanges & other facilitating practices; coordination;

Wednesday, July 9
Refresher:  key economic concepts;  unilateral effects, coordinated effects; horizontal, vertical and conglomerate mergers; efficiencies; use of economic evidence in merger review; standards of proof
Instructor: Ken Heyer, U.S. Department of Justice, antitrust Division;
Instructor: Claes Bengtsson, European Commission, DG Comp

Thursday, July 10
Monopolization/Abuse of Dominance
Refresher:  key economic concepts:  market power; policy approaches in monopolization and abuse of dominance cases
Pricing conduct:  rebates, discounts; predation; non-pricing conduct:  tying, bundling, “cheap exclusion”
Refusal to supply and essential facilities 
Instructor: Frederic Jenny, Cour de cassation, France;
Instructor: William Kovacic, Chair, U.S. Federal Trade Commission

Friday, July 11
Vertical Agreements; Remedies

Morning  Economics of vertical agreements
Instructor: Mark Patterson, Fordham law School

Afternoon Remedies 
Instructor: William Kovacic, Chair, U.S. Federal Trade Commission