Task Forces

Who?Task Forces will be formed as needed.  All decisions made by a task force will be brought to the Oversight Committee for approval.  Once the task force has completed its objectives, the task force will be dissolved.

Workspaces Task Force

Objective:  To finalize the template and features for a "workspace" site (See notes.)

Members:  Nitza Escalera, Vanessa Garcia, Carrie Johnson, Tom Kaczorowski, Grace Lozito, Darin Neely, Mitchell Weitz

Deadline: 15 April 2013

Course Tools Task Force

Objective:  To finalize the features of Course Tools

Members:  Vanessa Garcia, Ron Lazebnik, Darin Neely


  1. Move LawConnect from “Apps” to “Academics.” Resolution: Yes
  2. Ask for suggestions for the app’s name (instead of LawConnect.) Resolution: "Course Tools"
  3. Faculty features in FacNET will be moved to "Course Tools" by May 2013. Resolution: Yes

My Site Task Force

Objective:  To determine which out-of-the-box features of My Site should be rolled out to users.

Members:  Vanessa Garcia, Tom Kaczorowski, Andrew Kent, Christopher M. Rodriguez (current SBA President), Christian Steriti

Deadline: 31 July 2013