Oversight Committee

Who?The Oversight Committee consists of a range of users representing different areas of the Law School and the populations it serves.  The current members of the Oversight Committee are listed below with the area or population they represent.

Oversight Committee

Administration, Finance, Office of Public Programming & CLE Darin Neely
Career Planning Center Mitchell Weitz
Communications, Development, Alumni Carrie Johnson
Enrollment Services Stephen Brown
Faculty Ron Lazebnik (current Faculty IT Committee Chair)
Faculty Andrew Kent 
Faculty Support Christian Steriti 
Information Technology Bernard Matthews 
Information Technology  Marianna Balquiedra 
Library Tom Kaczorowski 
LL.M. Program, International & Non-J.D. Programs Bernard Daraz
Lincoln Square Legal Services Grace Lozito 
Registrar Vanessa Garcia 
Student Affairs  Nitza Escalera 
Student Bar Association current SBA President

Students Oversight Sub-Committee

Student Affairs Nitza Escalera
Registrar Vanessa Garcia
Journals  Darin Neely
Public Interest Resource Center Hillary Exter
Student Bar Association current SBA President
Law Review Executive Digital Editor or equivalent
Urban Law Journal Technology Editor or equivalent
International Law Journal Online Content Editor or equivalent
IPLJ Technology Editor or equivalent
Environmental Law Review Technology & Business Editor or equivalent
JCFL Online Managing Editor or equivalent
Moot Court Technology Editor or equivalent
Dispute Resolution Society Technology Editor or equivalent
Trial Advocacy Technology Editor or equivalent

Centers Oversight Sub-Committee

ADR Current Fellow, if available
CLIP Jordan Kovnot
Corporate Law Center Ann Rakoff
CDE Carol O’Rourke
Center on National Security Current Fellow, if available
Competition Law To be determined
European Union Law Current Fellow, if available
Fashion Law Current Fellow, if available
Feerick Center Dora Galacatos
Forum Current Fellow, if available
IP Current Fellow, if available
IRLLW Ana Dias
Leitner Center  Elisabeth Wickeri
PIRC Tom Schoenherr 
Stein Center Sherri Levine
Urban Law Center Current Fellow, if available