The Joan L. Ellenbogen Memorial Fellowship

The New York Bar Foundation is accepting grant applictions for the The Joan L. Ellenbogen Memorial Fellowship to take place during the fall 2011 semester. Funding for two fellowships, valued at $5,000 each, will be available for public service or other nonprofit organizations in New York State to conduct the fellowship.  The fellow will be selected by the grantee organization and will assist the organization in matters relating to matrimonial law.
The two organizations that are awarded a $5,000 grant will offer the fellowship to a third-year law student enrolled in a New York State law school during the fall 2011 semester or newly graduated law student who has been awarded a degree from a New York State law school in 2011.
Qualified organizations with the need for a matrimonial law fellow are eligible to apply for the $5,000 grant by  October 15, 2010 to receive funding for the 2011 fall semester fellowship. A grant application and grant guidelines are accessible at
The grants will be awarded by The Foundation’s Board of Directors during its January 2011 meeting with the funding available in mid to late July. 
The goal of the fellowships is to encourage lawyers and students in the practice of matrimonial law so that individuals will have access to representation and a greater understanding of their rights in matters relating to matrimonial and family law in New York State.
Please contact the Foundation at or 518/587-5651 if you have questions or would require additional information.