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Robert Nissenbaum
Director, Law Library & Professor of Law

Fordham University School of Law
140 West 62nd Street
New York, NY 10023
Telephone: 212.636.7609
Fax: 212.930.8818
Office: Room 132A

Selected Publications

  • "Introductory Tour-William M. Rains Library- Part 2: Library Amenities" (with Patrick Meyer)(web based Powerpoint/ video tour (January 2004).
  • "Introductory Tour-William M. Rains Library," (with Patrick Meyer) (web based Powerpoint/video tour)(
  • "Origins of the Common Benefits Clause in Vermont and the Implications in the Context of Civil Union: A Post Baker v. Vermont Perspective" (in progress) (supported by a Loyola Law School faculty research grant).
  • "Computer-Assisted Legal Research" (chapter 22) & "Legal Citation Form" (chapter 23)in J. Myron Jacobstein, Roy M. Mersky and Donald J. Dunn, Fundamental of Legal Research, New York: Foundation (7th ed.) 1998
  • Folio-based text. "Workbook Comparing the California Probate Code and the Uniform Probate Code." (database adopted for Spring 1997 Trusts and Wills class at Loyola Law School)(sabbatical project).
  • "Computer-Assisted Legal Research" (chapter 22) & "Legal Citation Form" (chapter 23)in J. Myron Jacobstein, Roy M. Mersky and Donald J. Dunn, Fundamental of Legal Research, Westbury: Foundation (6th ed.) 1994.
  • "Computer-Assisted Legal Research and Microtext" (chapter 22) & "Legal Citation Form" (chapter 24) in J. Myron Jacobstein and Roy M. Mersky, Fundamentals of Legal Research, Westbury: Foundation (5th ed.) 1990.
  • "The Need for Reform in Legal Citation Practices," Integrated Legal Research, Fall, 1988, at 6.
  • "Newly Acquired Constitutional Materials at Cleveland State University Law Library," 58 Cleveland Bar Journal 142 (1987) (with Joseph S. Rosenfeld).
  • "Access to Justice and a National Legal Information Center," 77 LAW LIBRARY JOURNAL 695 (1986)
  • Guest Editor, "Symposium - A National Law Library," 77 LAW LIBRARY JOURNAL 617 (1986) (with Roy M. Mersky).
  • ASSIGNMENTS and INSTRUCTOR'S MANUAL accompanying Fundamentals of Legal Research, third edition (Foundation Press 1985) (co-editor Joyce Saltalamachia).
  • "The Uniform System of Citation, 13th ed. - An Instructional Videotape." Austin: University of Texas, 1985. (with Carole Knobil)(U-matic).
  • "Developing a Rare Book Collection Development Policy at Tarlton Law Library," 4 LEGAL REFERENCE SERVICES QUARTERLY 59 (1984).
  • Guest Editor, "Overview of The Rare Book Collection- A Workshop," 4 LEGAL REFERENCE SERVICES QUARTERLY 39 (1984).
  • Cable Television Bibliography, Conference on Cable Television, Papers and Materials, Austin, TX: University of Texas at Austin, School of Law, 1983.
  • "Broad Background Stressed for Law Librarians,"LEGAL TIMES, June 14, 1983, at 16.
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  • "Legislative History (Bibliography)," 4 NOTES FROM TARLTON LAW LIBRARY, July/ August, 1981, at 4 (with Gary Hill).
  • Editor, Book Appraisals Column, TEXAS BAR JOURNAL, 1982-1984.
  • Index to volume one WESTERN NEW ENGLAND LAW REVIEW including comprehensive cumulative indexing plan.
  • SPONSORED RESEARCH: "Legal Education in Context: A Selective Bibliography," sponsored by the Law School Admissions Council & Law Services, 2001 (with Ruth J. Hill).