Wake Up Alabama

James A. Cohen in Wake Up Alabama, August 13, 2010

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... and coming back until we get a marriage license."" :07 (bridge: kendis gibson/cbs news/los angeles) county clerks across the state were prepared to handle hundreds of same sex marriage applications. now those plans are being put on hold. (vo) in 2008 california allowed same sex couples to marry. but months later the ruling approved proposition 8 - the measure said the state would only recognize marriage between a man and a woman. (nats- celebration) last week there was celebration among supporters of same sex marriage when judge walker struck down proposition 8. (nats) but the legal fight over same sex marriage is far from over. the case now goes to the 9th circuit court of appeals. (sot- prof. james cohen/fordham school of law) ""that will be just the first step in a continuing appelate process both on the merits of the judge's decision and more immediately on whether or not the stay should be lifted or not."" :09 it's possible the u-s supreme court may ultimately decide the case. a cbs news, los angeles.bson, about 18,000 same sex couples married in califronia while it was legal. the centers for disease control says foodborne illnesses are common causes of disease in the us. the agency conducted a study of more than one thousand foodborne disease outbreaks reported to the cdc in 2007. norovirus caused the most illnesses....followed by salmonella. the foods behind the majority of the outbreaks were chicken, beef and leafy vegetables. when it comes to cancer, almost everyone has a story to tell. it's touched the lives of so many men and women. but not everyone has a story about defying all odds and beating the disease. cbs 42's shanisty myers met some remarkable cancer survivors, and those who are just as vital to the patients as the doctors themselves.... the caregivers. you wouldn't know by his smile, but bill cash is a two time survivor of brain cancer.. (bill cash- cancer survivor) ""they said you do have a brain tumor and you have to have surgery right away."" her eyes show no fear, but mayte coglin is a caregiver who's fought the disease three times with her son, her own mother and her husband. (mayte coghlan-caregiver) ""i said, i'll take care of him doctor, i don't want transfusions. i'll give him more spinach than popeye."" both cash and coglin share an inner strength that looked cancer in the face and defeated it. ""very important to help people with compassion and always fight for your life."" thursday night, they were honored for their courage. standup: honorees say they are humbled and a little surprised about being honored here tonight at the club, most of them say they were doing exactly what they knew how to do. i haven't done anything special, i feel very blessed to be standing here tonight. i feel very surprised, because i never thought that doing what you should do. the american cancer society says the awards are small tokens of gratitude to extraordinary people who know cancer does not mean life ends there. it just took a long time, but we did it.in birmingham, shanis, ...