Carter H. Strickland, Jr.
Adjunct Professor of Law

Fordham University School of Law
140 West 62nd Street
New York, NY 10023

• New York City Wetlands:  Regulatory Gaps and Other Threats (2009)

• Sustainable Stormwater Management Plan (2008)

• Revitalizing the Presumption against Preemption to Prevent Regulatory Gaps: A Case Study of Judicial Tolerance of Illegal Railroad Waste Transfer Stations, 34:4 Ecology L. Q. 1147 (2008)

• Exchanging Bench-Marking in Competitively Sensitive Areas, Global Competition Review (Dec. 1997/Jan. 1998)  (co-author)

• The Scope of Authority of Natural Resource Trustees, 20 Col.J.Envtl.L. 301 (1995)