Model plans to sue blogger

Professor Joel Reidenberg on ABC, August 20, 2009

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EW YORK (WABC) -- Liskula Cohen has made a career out of selling her image, but this fashion model got more exposure than she bargained for when she found herself the target of a nasty blog called 'Skanks in NYC.'

"I was mortified to say the least and I called my lawyer," Cohen said.

Mortified because the blog's author called the 37-year old "a psychotic, lying, whoring skank..." adding "desperation seeps from her soul, if she even has one."

Not only were the claims untrue, Cohen says her reputation and her earning potential suffered. But Cohen refused to back down.

She sued Google, which hosted the offending blog, and won, forcing the company to turn over the anonymous blogger's email and i-p addresses.

"You can't hide behind anonymity to engage in unlawful conduct," Professor Joel Reidenberg of Fordham Law School said.

Cohen says the woman who wrote the blog is a casual acquaintance.

Now that Cohen knows who she is, she plans to sue for damages. For now, she'll keep the other woman's name to herself.

"I won't stoop to her level. I could. I've got stories, but I'm a grown woman and I choose to act like one," she said.

Lawyers for the anonymous blogger argued the internet was a place for 'trash talk' and that readers knew not to take the comments seriously.

The judge disagreed, ruling that bloggers cannot spew hateful rhetoric and expect to get away with it.