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Eric Jensen
Visiting Assistant Professor of Law

Fordham University School of Law
140 West 62nd Street
New York, NY 10023
Telephone: 646.312.8731
Fax: 212.636.6899
Office: Room 433

Selected Publications

  • Chapter, Civil-Military Relations, in The Ashgate Research Companion to Political Leadership (Ashgate, forthcoming 2009) (with G. Corn).
  • Chapters, Targeting of Persons & Property in the War on Terror and Trial and Punishment for Battlefield Misconduct, in The Laws of War and the War on Terror (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2009) (with G. Corn).
  • Afghanistan Legal Lessons Learned: Army Rule of Law Operations, NAVAL WAR COLLEGE INTERNATIONAL LAW STUDIES 85 (forthcoming 2009) (with A. Pomeroy).
  • Hamdan, Transnational Armed Conflict and the Law of War: Applying the Law of War to Conflicts Between Internal and International Armed Conflict, __ ISRAEL L. REV. __ (2008) (with G. Corn).
  • Untying the Gordian Knott: A Proposal for Determining Applicability of the Laws of War to the War on Terror, ____ TEMPLE L. REV. ___ (2008) (with G. Corn).
  • Exercising Passive Personality Jurisdiction Over Combatants: A Theory in Need of a Political Solution, 42 INT’L LAW. 1107 (2008).