Fordham Law

Dispute Resolution Society Earns 4th Place in International Law School Mediation Tournament

March 22, 2013

Dispute Resolution Society members John Fagan '13, Zach Hudson '13, and Lauren Boswell '13 advanced past the preliminary rounds and earned fourth place at the Twelfth Annual International Law School Mediation Tournament on March 15, 2013, in Dublin, Ireland. Fordham DRS alumnus Tavish DeAtley '12 coached the team. Team members Fagan and Hudson were also honored for their individual performances, earning 3rd Best Mediator and 8th Best Mediator, respectively.

"The wonderful success of our Dublin Mediation Team, the first year that we have participated in the competition, is a testimony to the outstanding dedication and commitment of our competitors and their great coach," said Professor Jacqueline Nolan-Haley, Director of the Conflict Resolution & ADR Program.

Coach DeAtley also commended the team, saying, "John, Lauren, and Zach put tremendous time and energy into understanding the nuances of this new competition.  Their success is a testament to their preparation and hard work." 
The competition, sponsored by the International Academy of Dispute Resolution, included 36 mediation teams from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, and Ireland. Competitors worked with co-mediators from other schools and were judged on their ability to work together in addition to their listening skills, their ability to assist the advocates and clients in recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of their positions, and their ability to help guide the parties to a resolution.

"This competition is truly unique and DRS's success shows the strength and versatility of our society," DeAtley added.
The team received preparatory support from Professor Nolan-Haley, Society Chairperson Rob Sanzillo '13, Competitions Editor Julia Belagorudsky '13, and Managing Editor Caroline Billet ’13, as well as several other alumni and current Society members.