Michal Albertein joins Fordham ADR faculty

May 25, 2005

Michal Alberstein is an Adjunct Professor of Law and a Visiting Scholar at Fordham Law School. She is a lecturer in jurisprudence and conflict resolution in the faculty of law at Bar-Ilan University, where she also supervises a community mediation clinic and takes part in an interdisciplinary graduate program for conflict management and negotiation.

She also teaches at Tel-Aviv University and The College of management. She wrote her doctoral dissertation at Harvard law school (1996-2000) and won the Byes fellowship for excellent doctoral candidates. Her current research deals with theories of law and conflict resolution and their intellectual roots; multiculturalism and its relation to negotiation and mediation; and representations of conflict resolution in literature and film. Dr. Alberstein's book, Pragmatism and Law: From Philosophy to Disputes Resolution (UK 2002), deals with the intellectual roots of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). In 2001, Dr. Alberstein was awarded the prestigious three-year Yigal Alon Scholarship, considered the most competitive scholarship for young outstanding Israeli academics.