Fordham Law

Feerick Center for Social Justice and Dispute Resolution Opens Doors to Community

September 01, 2006

As part of Fordham's commitment to legal education through academic excellence, skilled lawyering, and the primacy of ethics and professionalism, the Feerick Center for Social Justice and Dispute Resolution will bring together the major stakeholders responsible for solving our most difficult urban social issues. Uniquely combining the insights of a think tank, the urgency inherent in a mission to achieve social justice, the balance required of a mediation center, and the educational mission of a law school, the Center will work with all parties to frame concrete and achievable solutions to the endemic problems plaguing the urban poor. By taking on this mission, Fordham Law School will institutionalize one of the largest and most creative commitments in legal education to obtain social change. The vital work of this Center, and the inspiration it provides, will be fostered at home in New York and around the globe.

The Feerick Center's primary goals include:

  • EXPLORING new approaches to social justice and dispute resolution and new ways to work for change;
  • SERVING the disenfranchised by helping people to gain access to justice through the development of innovative social policies;
  • EDUCATING the next generation of lawyers and the public about the workings of the legal system and the importance of social justice; and
  • LEADING the way in creating a working model for change that will be replicated by others in the legal field.