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Business Law Related Clinics

Business law related clinics - Securities Litigation and Arbitration Clinic, Civil Litigation: Tax and Consumer Protection Clinic, and the Community Economic Development Clinic, provide hands-on lawyering opportunities for students to work with real clients in an interactive setting.  
  • Through the Securities Litigation and Arbitration Clinic, students provide legal services to small investors bringing claims of unsuitable investment practices against their brokers.  Students also learn the necessary skills needed to represent clients in litigation.  
  • In the Civil Litigation Clinic, students will litigate in federal, state and local courts and advocate in pre-litigation administrative proceedings.  Clinic cases involve tax controversies, consumer fraud, consumer debt collection, identity theft and predatory lending.
  • The Community Economic Development Clinic helps students learn basic skills of transactional business lawyering in a nonprofit social justice setting, representing low-income communities and low-wage workforces.  The Clinic helps to sustain effective organizations and build institutions.  Students have responsibility for non-profit start-ups and join teams with faculty and outside counsel for major projects. 
  • In The Tax Clinic, students represent clients and act as advocates for low to moderate income workers who have legal disputes with the IRS or NYS Department of Taxation.  They also collaborate with small business owners in crafting tax efficient business strategies. Students gather and analyze facts and evidence, conduct legal research, draft memorandum, prepare pleadings, motions and other court papers.  Students meet with the IRS to negotiate a settlement, and if settlement efforts fail, the student may have the opportunity to take the case to trial.