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Business Law Courses

In addition to introductory and core corporate courses, the business law curriculum offers many courses in specialized topics, including Entrepreneurial Law, Global Corporate Compliance, Compliance in the Information Age, International Financial Crime, and Islamic Trade and Finance Law.  Several international courses are offered for both J.D. and LL.M. candidates.

Listed below are all courses offered in the business law area.  Courses with an asterisk are offered during Fall 2014 and Spring 2015. Additional courses are offered in other semesters.
Business Law Courses

*Accounting and Financial Skills For Lawyers
*Accounting for Lawyers
Advanced Business Law
Advanced Copyright Law
*Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
*Antitrust Law in Information Economy
*Antitrust - International Cross Border Mergers
*Antitrust Law
*Banking Law
Banking Litigation
*Bankruptcy Litigation
*Bankruptcy Valuation, Hedge Fund Participation and Modern Trends in Litigation
*Broker Dealer
*Broker Dealer Regulation
*Business Bankruptcy
Business Organizations Drafting
*Commercial Arbitration
*Commercial Contract Drafting In the Financial Industry (LL.M. Only)
*Commercial Drafting: Acquiring a Business
*Commercial Drafting: Business Contracts and Transactions
*Commercial Finance
*Commercial Finance - Secured Transactions
*Commercial Transactions
*Comparative Antitrust Law and Enforcement
*Comparative Corporate Law
*Comparative Financial Reporting
*Compliance in the Information Age
*Compliance Risk Assessment
*Compliance with Title VII-Dodd Frank (OTC Derivatives)
*Contract Drafting
Contract Drafting & Negotiation (LL.M. only)
*Contract Theory
*Conventional and Islamic Trade and Finance Law: A Comparative Study
*Cooperative and Condominiums
*Corporate Counseling Fundamentals
*Corporate Crisis Management and Internal Investigations
*Corporate Finance
*Corporate Finance Legal Aspects
*Corporate Governance
*Corporate Reorganization and Restructuring in Bankruptcy
*Corporate Strategy and Taxation
*Corporate Sustainability, Transnational Business and Human Rights
*Corporate Tax
*Doing Business in the European Union
*Entrepreneurial Law
*Entrepreneurial Law: Startups
*Estate and Gift Taxation
*Estate Planning
*European Union Business LawFinancial Crisis Seminar
*Financial Institutions I
*Financial Institutions II
*Financial Services Regulation
*Global Capital Markets and Governance
*Global Corporate Compliance
Global Corporate Lawyering
Globalization of American Corporations: Tax and Regulation Policy
*Income Taxation
*Insurance Law and Litigation
*International Arbitration
International Banking
*International Banking Law
*International Business Transactions
*International Cartel Enforcement: The Globalization of Antitrust
*International Financial Crime
*International Insolvency Law
*International Project Finance
International Taxation
*International Trade
Introduction to Investor-State Arbitration
Introduction to the Deal
*Investment Adviser and Hedge Fund Regulation
*Investor-State Arbitration
*Law and Economics
*Law Firm as a Business
*Law Firm Marketing
*Litigating the Corporate Case
*Mergers and Acquisitions
*Modern Chapter 11 Practice
*Multinational Corporations
*Nonprofit Law
*Nonprofit Organizations
*Partnership & LLC Law
*Partnership Taxation
*Professional Responsibility: Corporate Counsel
*Public Finance Law and Practice
*Real Estate Conveyancing
*Real Estate Drafting
Real Estate Finance
Secured Transactions
Securities Law Enforcement
*Securities Regulation
*Securities Regulation Drafting
*Securities Regulation Refashioned
*Tax Policy and Distributive Justice
*Tax Planning and Transactions
Technology Innovation Law and Practice
*Trusts and Wills
*US Contracts for Foreign LL.M.s
*Venture Capital Law

In addition, the Community Economic Development, Civil Litigation, Securities Litigation & Arbitration and Tax Clinics offer Seminars and Casework courses.