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Eugene P. and Delia S. Murphy Conference on Corporate Law

Eugene F. Murphy, former Vice Chairman and Executive Officer of the General Electric Company, in conjunction with the General Electric Company, endowed this bi-annual conference on corporate law in memory of his late parents.  The Eugene P. and Delia S. Murphy Conference on Corporate Law features scholarly presentations and commentary from leading national academics and renowned practitioners, together with vigorous discussions of the cutting-edge issues raised in the presentations.

In addition to his positions at GE, Mr. Murphy held a number of executive roles in the aerospace and telecommunications fields. He also served on the Board of Directors of several major public corporations. At his retirement from GE in 1999, Mr. Murphy was honored for his strength of character and uncompromising demand for the highest of standards;”Eugene F. Murphy epitomizes the first and most important of GE values: integrity.”

Emerging Issues in Corporate Governance                                                                May 2012

 New Ideas for Limiting Bank Size  March 2010
 Corporate Investors and the Securities Markets  October 2007
 Responding to Corporate Misconduct: New Ideas  November 2005
 Recent Developments in Corporate Law  November 2003
 Two Shocks to the Bankruptcy System: Revised UCC Article 9 and the Pending Bankrupcy Reform Act of 2001.  Where Do we Go from Here?  November 2001


Roundtables bring together individuals with diverse views and from a variety of perspectives to debate controversial issues in an academic setting that not only values creativity and innovation, but also remains independent from the demands of business, the pressures of clients, and the interests of constituents. Participants include members of the academy, the practice of law, the business community, regulatory organizations, and the judiciary.

 The Role of D&O Insurance in the Settlement of Securities Class Actions  November 2007
 The Credit Counseling  June 2007
 Class Action Kickbacks - A Critical Look  October 2006
 Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds: The Fees for Professional Investment Advice  January 2005
 The Evolving Duty of Good Faith: Conflicts between Ethics and Maximization of Shareholder Value  April 2004
 The Continuing Role of Self Regulation in the Securities Market  December 2003
 The Role of the Corporate Attorney after Enron and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act  November 2002