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The conference focussed on ways to manage systemic risk through direct and indirect limitations on the size of retail banks.  There were several panel discussions that explored areas such as historical perspectives on regulation, economic orthodoxies of the banking system, and how new and existing regulatory schemes can be used to prevent another global liquidity crisis. Simon Johnson, co-author with James Kwak of the recently published book, 13 Bankers, gave the keynote address.

Panelists included:  Dean Baker, Lawrence Baxter, Shawn Bayern, William Black, Richard Carnell, Dana Chasin, Jane D'Arista, Ron Feldman, Carl Felsenfeld, Tamar Frankel, Cornelius Hurley, Rob Johnson, James Kwak, Jesse Markham, Heather McGhee, Richard Neiman, Elizabeth Nowicki, Frank Pasquale, F.M. Scherer, Jennifer Taub, and Arthur Wilmarth. 

Fordham Law Faculty served as moderators and included: Richard Carnell, Russell Pearce, Richard Squire, and Zephyr Teachout.


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