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photo of Jacqueline Nolan-HaleyFordham’s Conflict Resolution & ADR Program (“Program”) offers a curriculum that balances theory and casework with real-world practice, reflecting the breadth and span of alternative dispute resolution practice within the legal and business communities. The Program provides students with unique opportunities to study the field of ADR through the renowned clinics and courses offered in negotiation, mediation, arbitration and international conflict resolution taught by leading academics in the field and experienced ADR practitioners. It also sponsors annual symposia on critical issues in domestic and international dispute resolution. Finally, the Program provides students with the opportunity to engage in public service through teaching mediation skills in the community.

As Director of the Program, I am proud to acknowledge the outstanding work of the dedicated students who have contributed to the Program’s rank of # 11 in the country. The Dispute Resolution Society regularly places in national and international competitions, and this year ranked first in the International Chamber of Commerce International Commercial Mediation Competition held in Paris, and ranked second in the International Competition for Mediation Advocacy held in Toronto.

The Program’s integrated agenda of teaching, scholarship and practice in conflict resolution models Fordham’s focus of developing ethical, community-building practitioners who strive to enhance professionalism and add value to the field of alternative dispute resolution. 

Jacqueline Nolan-Haley
Director, Conflict Resolution & ADR Program
Professor of Law