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Students may apply to stay on for internships after the conclusion of the academic session, under the auspices of the Program's internship program. Internships are a minimum of 5 weeks and provide law students with the opportunity to learn and work within Colombia’s vibrant legal system and culture, gaining hands-on experience in legal practice and professionalism. Depending on the host organization, it may be possible to arrange for a longer internship than the minimum 5-weeks required. Students MUST participate in the academic portion of the program in order to qualify for an internship.

Students who wish to be considered for an internship placement should indicate their preference for a for-credit or non-credit placement on the internship section of the program application form. Instructions for scheduling a meeting with Executive Director Professor Alena Herklotz to discuss internship options will then be included in your formal program acceptance email.  Placements are limited and highly competitive, so interested applicants are encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible. 

For-Credit vs. Non-Credit Internships

Participants have the option of either a non-credit internship upon payment of a $500 internship placement fee OR a for-credit internship for three ungraded credits at an additional cost of $2100.

For-credit placements are available with the Colombian judicial service, law firms, government bodies and non-profits. Placements require a commitment to work forty hours/week for a minimum of five weeks (200 hours total), and participation in weekly seminar that involves weekly reporting and written assignments. While intern responsibilities will vary among placements, they will typically center on legal research and writing, and may include reviewing legal documents; researching and drafting legal memoranda, documents and agreements; and attending and conducting client interviews and consultations; observing court proceedings and drafting judicial addresses and opinions.

Placements are also available for students who do not take an internship for credit. Non-credit interns may apply for the same placements as are available under the for-credit program, although for-credit students receive priority.


Due to the highly competitive nature of placement, we require a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA for internship placement. We will try to accommodate everyone interested with an internship but some of the most desirable internships are limited and will be competitive.  There is some flexibility regarding this requirement, so interested students with an undergraduate GPA of less than 3.0 should contact the Executive Director to discuss possible internship options.

Internship placements are based on student grades (undergraduate and law school), work experience, special skills (such as foreign language fluency), and the timing of one's application submission.  Earlier applications will receive priority, so we strongly encourage students to submit their application as soon as possible in order to secure an internship and to receive an internship of your highest preference. 


Students staying on for internships have the option of extending their accommodation in the serviced academic session residence for the duration of their stay. Residence arrangements and fees will be finalized and posted in March 2015.